Mukesh nandi07/03/2020

Only prampara & chandan is good

Birdavinder Singh13/02/2022

Good but little smoky also difficult to burn

Vinod Gupta 14/02/2020

Good scent... But it doesn't have 14Sticks as mentioned in the pack. Also overpriced

Team Cycle Pure
Thank you for your feedback. Could you kindly let us know where you have seen the 14 Sticks being mentioned? Parampara Wet Dhoop net qty is 100g and since it is wet dhoop, these are not in stick format.

I just do not know how to use this product. In fact i wrote to your Customer Care but there was no response from them.

When I try to make a cone and light it, the cone burns for just a couple of minutes and then dies off. If you can send me the correct way of using this product, I will really appreciate it.


Vivek khade03/03/2021

Product is very good,try to put some more fragrances,then it will be more beautiful.
Price wise it's pocket friendly.