Dr Santanu Sarma07/05/2021

When ordered I though that this is a Mashala Dhoop contaning marua, guggul. chandan wood powder. camphor, ghee, havan samagri etc. But this is too different. Probably contains charcoal powder. But this works as good mosquito repellent. Please give detailed description of the contents of the items for our ease in order. However thanking you.

Dr Santanu Sarma17/05/2021

As no detailed product ingredients details on the add it was though as Masala Dhoop comprising of googul, maruwa tulsi flowers, red chandan powder, ghee, camphor, rose petals etc. But it is different. Smokes more on burning probably for the presence of charcoal powder. Very useful as mosquito repellent.

Lucky yadav10/07/2022

Bhot khubsurat hai mene cycle brand ki sari agarbatti use kiya hai bhot shandar meri fev = asli bakhoor, woods, darhehra, moods, flute, sanjhi,

Rajendra Prasad09/11/2019

Wet quality not good it off ofenly and fire it so many times.


Bad quality. Waste for money. Description have added ghee and homa items. But it is artificial smell like chemical. And very worst smell. Please improve the natural incredients and ghee