Bhuwan Bhasker27/12/2019

Look and packing very good but fragrance is not very good. Unsatisfied with this product.

shrikant soni16/04/2020

इससे अच्छी तो jagna or wood है


Only packing is excellent, fragrance is not upto the mark, and after 15-20 days of opening of box fragrance vanishes.

Quality is not upto the level of price

Nishant Raj08/08/2020

Positive : Very good packing.
Cons: I think i received old stock. There was absolutely no fragrance. Disappointed.

Moksh Sharma 25/08/2020

I will give 2 stars.. packing was good, box is also fine fragrance is not long lasting and stronger it also makes me coughing all the time I use so not preferreable for me in future.