Nitesh Harikantra07/11/2020

The best incense sticks ever got .... Love this... And proud to feel that it is from my state

Komal Panchal25/11/2020

Pineapple agarbatti has a beautiful sweet and fruity fragrance. Feels like there is pineapple sheera being made at home, love it.

Vinisha Udeshi11/12/2020

I must say Truly Awesome fragrance. A must buy product again and again. I love fruit smell Agarbatti. Surely will buy this again. Aroma stays long even after it got burnt completely.

Hari Krishnan04/04/2020

I purchased this new item in February 2020. I was so delighted with the fragrance that I re-ordered it again in March. I am sorry to say that I am disappointed with the second lot that I purchased. When the first purchase filled the room with Pineapple fragrance, the second purchase does not even have the semblance of Pineapple fragrance. As a long time user of your products, would request you to kindly check this and take corrective action.

Biswajit Das25/07/2020

Previously it was good but now quality deprecated