neha nagpal25/12/2022

It is a very nice kit with everything available at one place.

Vidya Kartik11/10/2021

This is the BEST option for anyone wishing to perform Ganesh puja. One stop solution, it has amazing products and an extremely cute idol of Lord Ganesh. Would definitely recommend this product for experienced as well as newcomer as the QR code provides video assistance for the performance of puja too. Definitely buying this every year

Naveen 14/10/2021

Really , given lord ganesha made of mud ,all item needed in one box & its placement around lord ganesha , pooja vidhanam with understanding meaning thank you


Excellent puja kit all types usage Very useful goods understand our need


Wonderful kit...looks like a toy kit for young children to imbibe traditional value system in observing our festivals when parents perform Pooja with items bigger in size. The Ghana (bell) is too small and when rung, it doesn't resonate well. The metal thickness matters, if size cannot be bigger. But, if one repeats purchase, getting every time these pooja tools add up to the piling stock. One wouldn't like to throw them after the Pooja. Also, offering to some one also not possible as size is small.