Aditya Ranjan Pathak 21/10/2021

The products was excellent- containing all the pooja essentials, beautifully packed, safely delivered. Even better was the facility provided with the kit to perform the pooja under the guidance of a very qualified Vaidik Pandit ji.
It was the most satisfying purchase in my life !

Namrata 22/10/2021

Absolutely beautiful Package of all Pooja essentials with my eco-friendly Ganapati ji.
Made my Ganesh Chaturthi even more special.

Tama Chakraborty23/10/2021

It was such a lovely kit.. Need more such kits for all others pujas.. Loved it..


Enjoyed the presentation and compact packing of the Kit.
I also liked the effort made to ensure all small and big pooja items were carefully curated and ensured for.
Very Happy.

Rama Devi Anamalli02/11/2021