Sankalp Sunil23/08/2020

The first thing that stood out with the kid to me was the excellent packaging and with the layout sheet provided, the entire complexity of the pooja process felt extremely organized and easy. I extremely appreciated the accompanying videos included on the website as I always found the pronunciations in the pooja extremely difficult. The video walked me through the entire process. The quality of the kit itself and the attention to details, both with the kit and the video was amazing. This is a definite recommendation from my end, both for people who are experienced with the Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja or someone extremely new to it.

Srilatha Prasanna24/08/2020

Ganesh pooja kit was really awesome

Debanjan Sen21/09/2020

Excellent product need more such kits for various poojas. Well done cycle team.


Absolutely fantastic product. Very ideal for home and especially offices if u can’t do anything g too elaborate. A very nice complete pack. Will order fory relatives too the next time.

Kiran M24/09/2020

Package was good , idol size could have been bigger size. Happy with the product.