A little expensive, considering other options in market for cow-dung sambrani cups. Keeps extinguishing. Smells good if placed only in a large hall or outdoor. Smell is more of cow-dung and less of sambrani. Some people love the smell of dung, but some don't, and they'd like a dung sambrani only because of its eco friendly nature which is absent in usual charcoal cups. The fact that it takes time to get lit and no guarantee that it will burn in one shot is a test of patience. If you're not sure, ask yourself what you would prefer smelling more- sambrani? or the dung?

Siva M18/06/2021

Made of cow dung unlike others made with charcoal. So the fume is not dense but mild. It doesn't have a great aroma though. The cups easily break if not held or handled properly.


Nice smell similar to Pushkarini Cup. Earlier cups were less dense and burn easily, new cups were compact and take more time to start burning, less smell of gavi. Earlier cups were much better.


I am regularly using Gavi..

But this time the product was not good..

The cups were almost half filled and not packed properly