Wonderful product. Strong fragrance

Nishant Choudhary25/11/2021

Great delivery time, Amazing product Kudos to the Cycle team for putting great effort into bringing the sacred flowers to our home


Best Sambrani


This is good. Way better than usual charcoal cups and even Cycle's own Gavi cups. Commendable that Cycle has taken the initiative of flowercycling for utilizing discarded flowers by transforming them into sambrani cups. In my personal experience of one box, the sambrani material (benzoin) was popping out after reactions inside. About 10-12 times in one cup. In one of them the benzoin popped out soon after the cup was lit and my hand was almost saved from getting the sambrani "sting". So maybe you will need to keep the cup a little isolated. But not much to worry. Only flower-sambrani fragrance. Pricey- yes, maybe a little. But give it a shot, you'll love it.

Raja kr24/02/2022

Bahut hi achha hai or hame or chahiye jo ham oder me laga rahe hai eska sugandh bhi bahut achha hai