vicky Srimali13/11/2017

Woods agarbatti very good but price is very very very high ?

Bhola Nath Varma03/12/2017

Bhola Nath Varma,

Prem pushp08/12/2017

Inside this u will get 7 packets of incense sticks each named in year from 1950 to 2010.
The frageance of all packets varies but trust
If u r a real frangrance lover just try incense stick of year 2010 inside this pack...
Ahhhhh just one word for manufacturer of 2010 type
(@wesome/@mazing/f@nt@stic )

N Sripriya06/01/2018

Really good and worth for the amount charged. New products viz Woods can also be part of Eco then it would be nice.

Mithu Mallick06/01/2018

Excellent, budget friendly, good packaging and delivery. I'll buy it again.