Raju Mantri04/05/2018

Product is averagely good
Have tried your other products also but way below expectations

DEEPAK VAZE12/11/2018

not up to the mark, not natural sweet aroma, more like old cycle agarbatti.

Mahanth D J11/05/2019

Smell is long lasting and fragrance not up to mark, I thought it is like sandal fragrance but it is different one.

M Bhagat18/05/2021

It's long lasting, good & pleasant fragrance...... BUT no consistency in fragrance- since at every repeat purchase either directly from Co. / thru Amazon/ thru JioMart; you get different fragrance.. Pls. look into this...

Rajeev Chandra03/08/2021

Have used WOODS since last 8 years.
Now your fragrance of WOODS has detoriated & I am looking to replace it with some other. Earlier, the fragrance of WOODS lasted at least half a day, now no fragrance is there even after 2 minutes.