Burning time mentioned is sum of 2 sticks..
1 stick burns till 180mins... Please mention the burning time correctly


I ordered the Woods agarbatti online along with some custom agarbattis. All the custom agarbattis came with a nice porcelain dish to withstand the weight of the agarbatti.
This 17' woods agarbatti has come with a small wooden agarbatti stand, but it's so flimsy that it's virtually useless as it doesn't even withstand the weight of this long agarbatti. The agarbatti is big enough to fit any of my normal agarbatti stands too. I did send Cycle an email asking the team to look into this, haven't heard anything back yet.
Love the fragrance of these agarbattis, but a shame I won't be ordering any more of these in the near future until this issue is fixed.

Naveeda F12/05/2021

The best ever i have used so far from cycle brand. Have good memories from childhood with the ranges cycle brand as offered. Do continue with the best as always.

Deepak 16/09/2020

Yagna 19 and woods 19 inches are , no difference on packing difference.

Ordour is fine

Shahar Hussain08/09/2021

My favorite flavour jaesmeen