Mukesh Kumar Arora09/02/2021

Wonderful product super scented
Feel like haven

Balaraju C S26/02/2021

It is a mesmerising experience when it mentally transports you to a different world of serenity and peace.

Dr Santanu Sarma04/03/2021

Superb quality product. I am highly satisfied. I would like to purchase again on completion of the use of this packet.


My favourite agarbatti from your wide range of Agarbatties due to his fragrance.

Sabarna Banerjee18/03/2021

Although fragrance is very subjective, but there is always a signature that attracts the purists. I am a sandalwood fragrance enthusiast and I am going to share my experience with this Yagna Agarbatti here.
I always looked for an agarbatti which smells exactly like old sandalwood oil. The raw woody note with a sweet and mild lingering. After all the searches, I eventually found this Yagna Agarbatti which not only fulfilled my expectations, but also exceeded with its long burning time. And the most beautiful part is the fragrance lingers the whole house for the day. Well, I am not sure if it is the flagship sandalwood agarbatti by the Cycle Company, but this is my flagship choice for any occasion. Absolutely mesmerising!