Using since 4-5 years. I have not found a better one yet.

guru iyer19/10/2017

using since 5 years.best product and good mild fragrance with pleasant smell.


It has an excellent aroma which makes the puja environment very pleasing. It is one of the best incense sticks used in a long long time. It has brought an end to a long time search for a good smell. In fact another couple of aromas from your brand are amazing!!

Chandar N12/12/2017

The best agarbathi for me. Not easily available though in local retail shops which gets taken care by the online option.
A great companion for my pooja.

Arun Krishnan10/02/2018

Great incense by Cycle group. It has almost the same fragrance as that of Master's Incense which is made by a group of kriya yogis available at amazon although, it is very costly. Kudos to Cycle group for providing us with that same experience of using all natural and holy aromatic ingredients blending together in the form of this Yagna agarbathies at this price. It easily burns for almost an hour and i am not over exaggerating but it's fragrance stays in my room for almost 20-22 hours (not strong but mild) as if it has got stuck to everything in my room. Sometimes i feel like it's fragrance has a smell of milk in the form of smoke, feels very natural and provides me with a spiritual ambience.