The product is not the on expected. In advertisement, it was not made specific its a long stick.

So we could not use in house. Thanks. Nothing to comment about quality. Its good.


It's just over hyped product. Nothing special about it, if u really want something amazing then go for oudh(though it doesn't smells like oudh instead has a sweet n pleasant smell very soothing) and dasara(base note is chandan, strong yet calm n relaxing) rest all the products are just those you can easily get in local market.


For the purchase of two sticks,, nobody should waste Rs.100,, bcoz' CYCLE brand Agarpathi, is less cost and more fragrance.
So try to indicate the correct quantity and weight in one pocket.

Team Cycle Pure
The quantity of sticks in the pack is indicated in the Specifications tab below the product description.

The product and the comp had all bad