Naveen Nagaraj04/01/2018

Fragrance level should be increased

Rohinton Kotwal07/03/2018

It doesn't atall have the perfume of Kasturi but a scented perfume, but it is good for the price. Please don't name it Kasturi.

Anshu Gupta25/09/2018

The fragrance is below my expectations. Just a below average product as compared to other products of Cycle brand.


Not that good.
Smells good when you inhale otherwise the fragrance doesn't go far


I did not like this agarbati. The scent of musk is missing in it. I request the company, please do not defame Kasturi by naming this agarbati after Kasturi. I smell the real musk I know and its worth a lot. My humble request to the company is that you use real musk with higher price of musk agarbati.

Team Cycle Pure
Sir with reference to your mail, please note that the product referred to is Kasturi .
One of the most valued herbs in the world, Kasturi is a variant of Basil/Tulsi is known for its purity and divine connection.
Please note that Goodluck Kasturi s is not a musk based fragrance .
please refer to the product literature on our website