Rohinton Kotwal07/03/2018

It doesn't atall have the perfume of Kasturi but a scented perfume, but it is good for the price. Please don't name it Kasturi.

Anshu Gupta25/09/2018

The fragrance is below my expectations. Just a below average product as compared to other products of Cycle brand.


Not that good.
Smells good when you inhale otherwise the fragrance doesn't go far

Jayadev Panda14/08/2018

The fragrance of the Kasturi is not up to the mark. As I am fund of good fragrance incense sticks for our TEMPLE PUJA, I have thrown the entire packet to the trash box. I would request the company official to ship me a trial pack of some other quality incense sticks so that in future I can order in a bulk.

Ayush Shukla06/09/2018

It's just below average product