Durga prasad Gupta19/05/2021

अवर्णीय मनमोहक सुगंध.इस अगरबत्ती को जलाने के बाद ऐसा लगता है, कि हम किसी देव भूमि पर आ गए हैं.

Megha Dhaliwal13/07/2021

Rose fragrance in every brand was up to the mark. I have made purchases 5-6 times from your site and every time the number of packs have only increased.

Shantananda bharathi17/02/2022

Products are very good to use.

Santanu Dey 24/09/2017

Good service, and good fragrance, love it


I have been purchasing rose good luck agabaties for the last so many years.
It is the first time that the residue of the burnt agarbati was coarse and not fine. This is good as I do not inhale the finer residue which is not bad for my lungs.
Hoping that I keep getting the same quality.