Santanu Dey 24/09/2017

Good service, and good fragrance, love it


I have been purchasing rose good luck agabaties for the last so many years.
It is the first time that the residue of the burnt agarbati was coarse and not fine. This is good as I do not inhale the finer residue which is not bad for my lungs.
Hoping that I keep getting the same quality.

Anil kumar17/12/2018

Fragrance of rose and retaining power should be increased

LOK NATH DAS14/02/2018

The M.R.P. is written in agarbatti is RS 100/-. I got it in 150/-. I am really cheated, fragrance is not good. I will never go for it

Biplab naskar12/08/2018

Bad fragrance not like rose.