Divyanshu Roy18/12/2022

Honest Review : Bansuri is my favourite agarbatti. It has sweet floral fragrance. This is must try as it's my favourite and can be of yours also.
What I suggest is that you should try different agarbatties of cycle of it's lowest weight / price. Order different agarbatties, try them all once you get delivery. In this way you can shortlist agarbatties on next order. You might also like Vasu agarbatti (has 2 masala flavours inside), Rhythm Amber (alternative for bansuri agarbatti), Rhythm Saroja (best rose flavoured agarbatti), Amrasiiya (sweet mango flavor - must try), Pushpaphala (old and highly experienced agarbatti - reminded me of childhood), Loban Samrani dhoop.
Worst one includes - three in one agarbathies (avg.), rythm agarbatti of coconut flavor, any cup Samrani - so much of pollution.

Kannan Selvam21/02/2023

Very divine fragrance and you will feel like entering a Temple.

Charan M S30/05/2018

Captivating fragrance. It is very soothing and pleasant.


Its is quite good in this price

Prakash ingle06/03/2022

Nice agarbatti for daily users