इस अगरबत्ती की खुशबू अद्भुत है।


Very good products, mind blowing product.


This is a sweet floral aroma with a bit of sweet coconut water smell. This fragrance is really pleasant but it is mild and delicate. This is not a strong smelling agarbatti. These are perfect for evenings. Thank you.

Subhash Alavani 29/11/2020

Product is very good and has a soothing fragrance

Minali Ratanlal29/11/2020

Cycle as we know it , one of the original and traditional company that brings indigenous and primitive authenticity to life back to this era. I highly recommend that one should try all the variety served and realise what’s the best they find. Every one may have a slight different preference , the company have a variety to bring peace , love, divine bliss, and much more positive energies through their product. I found my preferences as well. This one awesome. May god bless .regards