I give it *****, as it's a very good agarbathi. But it is some what different from the one I purchased from a local vendor. The package displays PFIS written on it. Which is not displayed on packages of online purchase, why is it so? Please reply.

Team Cycle Pure
PFIS Sandalum is a different SKU compared to the one available online currently.
Yagnesh n Patel24/10/2019

Very nice .a fresher like a superb

Shivraj Rousha02/11/2019

Good sweet and soultouching fregrence.
Full paisa vasool.


Have been using Sandalum Agarbathis for past 10 years... Would request to add match box like we are getting it in the shops...

Subhadip Sarkar02/12/2019

Good and very handy to use. Unique product