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IRIS Amogha Fragrance Vaporizer-15%

IRIS Amogha Fragrance Vaporizer

Pack containing one ceramic vaporizer, 10ml oil 4 tealights. Fragrance Vaporizers are a great way to..

Rs550.00 Rs465.00Ex Tax: Rs465.00

IRIS Diffuser Oil-15%

IRIS Diffuser Oil

1 Ltr. diffuser oil in an Aluminium CanRefill your reed diffuser jar with our refill range of reed d..

Rs2,250.00 Rs1,915.00Ex Tax: Rs1,915.00

IRIS Fragrance Sachet-15%

IRIS Fragrance Sachet

Fragrance sachet with vermiculite powder which gently releases fragrance in the air. They are ideal ..

Rs60.00 Rs51.00Ex Tax: Rs51.00

IRIS Fragrance Vaporizer-15%

IRIS Fragrance Vaporizer

A pack containing one ceramic jar, 5ml oil & 2 tealights. IRIS Fragrance Vaporizers are a great ..

Rs300.00 Rs255.00Ex Tax: Rs255.00

IRIS Fragrance Vaporizer Oil - 15ml-15%

IRIS Fragrance Vaporizer Oil - 15ml

Fragrance Vaporizer refill oil. Add a few drops of IRIS fragrance vaporizer oil to a bowl of water w..

Rs150.00 Rs127.00Ex Tax: Rs127.00

IRIS Potpourri Refreshener Spray-15%

IRIS Potpourri Refreshener Spray

100 ml bottle of potpourri refreshener spray.Refresh your bowl of potpourri’s with few spray of our ..

Rs300.00 Rs255.00Ex Tax: Rs255.00

IRIS Potpourri with Cane Basket

IRIS Potpourri with Cane Basket

50 gms potpourri in a beautiful handcrafted cane basket encased in decorative net fabric.An ingeniou..

Rs225.00 Ex Tax: Rs225.00

IRIS Reed Diffuser-15%

IRIS Reed Diffuser

Box containing 1 no ceramic Diffuser pot, 6 reed sticks, 60 ml diffuser oil bottle.Evoke pleasant em..

Rs500.00 Rs425.00Ex Tax: Rs425.00

IRIS Reed Diffuser Oil Refill-15%

IRIS Reed Diffuser Oil Refill

Reed diffuser refill pack with 100ml Diffuser oil and 16 reed sticks of 10 inch.Refill your reed dif..

Rs400.00 Rs340.00Ex Tax: Rs340.00

Stop-O Power Bag-20%

Stop-O Power Bag

Stop-O Fragrance toilet freshener power bag with fragrance boosters to stop the stink/odour in the b..

Rs60.00 Rs48.00Ex Tax: Rs48.00

IRIS Potpourri 100g-15%Sold Out

IRIS Potpourri 100g

100 gm potpourri.An ingenious mixture of dry flowers, leaves, herbs and spices with a dash of essent..

Rs125.00 Rs106.00Ex Tax: Rs106.00

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