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Aadyaa SambraniSold Out

Aadyaa Sambrani

Om Shanthi Aadyaa Sambrani has a soothing, traditional and alluring fragrance that offers peace and ..

Rs12.00 Ex Tax: Rs12.00

Gavi Pure Desi Gau Cup Sambrani

Gavi Pure Desi Gau Cup Sambrani

‘Gomaya Vasate Lakshmi’, thus state the Upanishads. This Sanskrit phrase means that Lakshmi, th..

Rs140.00 Ex Tax: Rs140.00

GoodLuck Jasmine Wet DhoopSold Out

GoodLuck Jasmine Wet Dhoop

It is a tradition in India to greet and thank people by offering auspicious things. Coiled strands o..

Rs40.00 Ex Tax: Rs40.00

GoodLuck Lavender Wet DhoopSold Out

GoodLuck Lavender Wet Dhoop

The divine and fresh floral note of lavender have been a part of various natural remedies from ancie..

Rs40.00 Ex Tax: Rs40.00

GoodLuck Rose Wet DhoopSold Out

GoodLuck Rose Wet Dhoop

Ancient Buddhist travellers to India have described the prominence of roses in Indian culture. The c..

Rs40.00 Ex Tax: Rs40.00

GoodLuck Sandal Wet DhoopSold Out

GoodLuck Sandal Wet Dhoop

Sandalwood is an integral part of Indian culture and tradition. The healing properties of this sacre..

Rs40.00 Ex Tax: Rs40.00

Nidhi Dashanga PowderSold Out

Nidhi Dashanga Powder

Ancient texts of India speak about dashanga dhoopa that originates during the burning of chosen frag..

Rs60.00 Ex Tax: Rs60.00

Pushkarini Sambrani

Pushkarini Sambrani

Just like bathing in the sacred pond “Pushkarini”, is said to cleanse and purify a person, the fragr..

Rs12.00 Ex Tax: Rs12.00

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