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Om Shanthi

Om Shanthi
Length of the stick 9"
Type of bathi Masala Bathi
Burning Time 45 Minutes
Packing type Rectangular Packet
Number of Sticks 10 Nos
Fragrances Cosmetic, Traditional, Powdery, Masala

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  • Place incense stick/agarbathi away from flammable materials on a fire proof and heat resistance surface/incense burner.
  • Light the coated end of insense stick/agarbathi, allow flame to catch; genlty blow out the flame.


  • Never leave burning incense unattended.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Incense is not edible.
  • Use agarbathies/incense sticks with care and in a well ventillated area.

A few whiffs of Om Shanthi Agarbathies offer peace and tranquillity through its soothing and succulent fragrance. ‘Om’ is the most sacred syllable that is often spoken during the chanting of the mantras. ‘Shanthi’ simply means ‘peace’.

The unique scent of Om Shanthi Incense Stick gives a pleasant experience that touches your soul and connects you with your spiritual side. The sweet aroma relieves you from stress, gives peace of mind and fills your surroundings with a calming scent. Bring home this timeless classic and relish the true incense.

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Tags: CYTI, Masala, Powdery, Cosmetic, Traditional