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Om Shanthi Pooja Samagri

Om Shanthi Pooja Samagri pack contains all your prayer essentials in a single box - pure turmeric, k..

Rs300 Ex Tax: Rs300

Om Shanthi Pure Gangajal 2-3 Days

Om Shanthi Pure Gangajal

River Ganga is the soul of Indian culture and water from this river has great spiritual, social, eco..

Rs30 Ex Tax: Rs30

Om Shanthi Pure Kumkum

Om Shanthi Kumkum is brought to you in its divine form, fresh and clean prepared the traditional way..

Rs15 Ex Tax: Rs15

Om Shanthi Pure Turmeric

Om Shanthi Turmeric is organically grown and packed in its purest form. Accredited by FSSAI Om Shant..

Rs15 Ex Tax: Rs15

Om Shanthi Tambula Pack

Keeping the traditions in line, Om Shanthi Haldi – Kumkum is specially packed for rituals and religi..

Rs100 Ex Tax: Rs100