Sampoorna Akshara Abhyasa Puja Kit

Sampoorna Akshara Abhyasa Puja Kit
Pack ContentsHaridra 10g, Kumkum 10g, Akshatha 10g, Chandan Tablets 2N, Karpoora Arti Holder 1N, Karpoora 3N, Vastra 2N, Yagnopaveetha / Kankana 1N, Cup Sambrani Holder 1N, Cycle Pure Agarbathi Holder 1N, Cup Sambrani 1N, Cycle Pure Agarbathies 6N, Peetha for Puja Bell 1N, Puja Bell 1N, Diya 2N, Peeta for Lord Ganesha 1N, Peeta for Goddess Saraswati 1N, Lord Ganesha Idol 1N, Goddess Saraswati Idol 1N, Arghyapatra 1N, Panchapatra - Uddharini 1N, Kalasha 1N, Pugi Phala 2N, Slate with Chalk - 1N.
Packing TypeRectangular Box
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Unpack the box and arrange the items. Perform the pooja as per the instructions medium enclosed.


  • All flammable materials contained within this pack need to be burnt with care in well ventilated places. Use proper holders meant for each inflammable material. Place holders only on fireproof and heat-resistant surfaces, away from other inflammable materials.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Contents are not edible.

Manufacturer Name & Address: N. Ranga Rao & Sons Pvt. Ltd, #1553, Vanivilasa Road, Mysuru - 570 004, Karnataka, India.

Country of Origin: India

The occasion of Aksharabhyasa is to mark the beginning of the learning or student life of your child. Writing is the most important form of education one should receive and the formal initiation of the child into the education system is known by different names in India as Aksharabhyasam or Vidyarambham or Ezhuthiniruthu or Akshara Sweekaram. The intention of performing puja on this occasion is to make your child receive divine blessings throughout the student career. 

 Lord Ganapati and Goddess Saraswati are the main deities worshipped in the AKSHARABHYASA puja. Lord Ganesh is worshipped to remove any obstacles before the start of any auspicious work and Goddess Saraswati is worshipped to bestow knowledge and learning.

This Puja kit is our humble initiative to provide a simple yet complete procedure of Aksharabhyasa Puja along with the essentials necessary to perform it.

With this Puja kit and our initiative, we have attempted to provide as per our Shastra but in the simplest and the most generic manner in which the Aksharabhyasa is performed traditionally all over India (as the Puja is performed in different manners in different parts of India) without compromising on the most important aspects of the Puja.

We wish to celebrate, continue and propagate our Indian tradition and culture by enabling a simple yet generically uncompromising puja experience as per our Indian traditions.

While the puja may be performed any day, it is auspicious to celebrate on Saptami Tithi (Seventh Day of a Masa). 

This pack contains a QR code to access the puja vidhana.

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