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Akshara Abhyasa Pooja Pack

An important landmark in a child's life is when they set their first steps on the path of learning a..

Rs1,200 Ex Tax: Rs1,200

Anniversay Pooja Pack

For your convenience Cycle Pure brings you Om Shanthi Anniversary Pooja Kit. A pack especially desig..

Rs1,200 Ex Tax: Rs1,200

Birthday Pooja Pack

For your convenience Cycle Pure brings you Om Shanthi Birthday Pooja Pack. A pack especially designe..

Rs1,200 Ex Tax: Rs1,200

Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Pack

Invoked at the beginning of new journeys or ventures, Lord Ganesha is the God of wisdom and remover ..

Rs1,200 Ex Tax: Rs1,200

Gokula Gobar Upla Sold Out

Gokula Gobar Upla

Hand made gobar upla dry cakes.Gobar / Gomaya / Cow Dung has medicinal, religious and economic ..

Rs100 Ex Tax: Rs100


Havan Samagri

Om Shanthi Havan Samagri is an incredible collection of natural herbs and roots as detailed in Hindu..

Rs35 Ex Tax: Rs35

Leaf Ash Catcher

Handcrafted leaf ash catcher and agarbathi holder from Soulveda Kraftz.Traditionally crafted by expe..

Rs140 Ex Tax: Rs140

Lotus Tealight Holder and Incense Ash Catcher New Sold Out

Lotus Tealight Holder and Incense Ash Catcher

Many cultures and faiths consider lotus as a symbol of purity and tranquil beauty. It also symbolize..

Rs250 Ex Tax: Rs250


Narasimha Jayanti Puja Kit

Pure Puja Narasimha Jayanthi Puja Kit contains all the basic samagri required to perform Puja on the..

Rs1,200 Ex Tax: Rs1,200

Om Shanthi Karpooram

Karpooram or Camphor has a high place in Hindu religious ceremonies. No puja is complete without an ..

Rs40 Ex Tax: Rs40

Om Shanthi Pooja Oil - Jasmine

"Om Shanti Puja Oil – Jasmine offers a sweet and floral aroma used for sacred purposes. The oil is c..

Rs125 Ex Tax: Rs125


Om Shanthi Pooja Oil - Parijata

Used for devotional practices, Om Shanti Puja Oil – Parijata extends the aroma of the night blooming..

Rs125 Ex Tax: Rs125

Om Shanthi Pooja Samagri Sold Out

Om Shanthi Pooja Samagri

Om Shanthi Pooja Samagri pack contains all your prayer essentials in a single box - pure turmeric, k..

Rs300 Ex Tax: Rs300

Om Shanthi Pure Gangajal Sold Out

Om Shanthi Pure Gangajal

River Ganga is the soul of Indian culture and water from this river has great spiritual, social, eco..

Rs30 Ex Tax: Rs30


Om Shanthi Pure Kumkum

Om Shanthi Kumkum is brought to you in its divine form, fresh and clean prepared the traditional way..

Rs15 Ex Tax: Rs15