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Om Shanthi Pure DhunoNew
Natural resins known for their healing properties are carefully collected directly from the source. ..
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Om Shanthi Pure VibhutiNew
Lord Shiva adores the Vibhuti - the purest thing. It is applied in the form of a dot on the forehead..
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Pure Chandan TikaNewSold Out
Sandalwood is regarded as the scent of India. It is an integral part of spiritual practices and Indi..
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Om Shanthi Cotton WicksNew
Cotton wicks are an integral part of daily pooja and festival celebrations. Om Shanthi cotton wicks ..
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Om Shanthi Ghee DiyaNew
Fire is a source of life on earth. The light and warmth of fire forms an aura of energy around itsel..
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Lia Car MistNew
The aromatic oils of Lia Car Mist transport you to a world of eternal bliss. Specially designed..
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Merry Go Round Agarbatti Stand & Ash CatcherNew
Multi-colour wooden agarbatti stand and ash catcher with a holder that rotates is specially designed..
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Pure Cow Ghee DiyaNew
Lighting Diya before beginning any activity invites positivity into the ambience. Diyas are a way of..
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Trough Agarbatti Stand and Ash CatcherNewSold Out
The sleek and long trough shaped agarbatti stand and ash catcher from Soulveda Kraftz with clas..
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Wooden Pooja PeetaNew
Distinct items at home or office need special attention and a special place to be displayed. They be..
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Shot Glass Votive Candles
Coloured & scented candles in shot glass votive. Made from purest of wax and an exotic blend of ..
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Loban Sambrani
The enchanting fragrance of loban gets a synergic twist with the combination of the divine scents of..
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Naivedya Cup Sambrani
The finest energy purifier of atmosphere, Sambrani with all its purity and sanctity has been capture..
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Just like the first glimpse of rainbow amidst a bit of sunshine and a bit of rain, fills your heart ..
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Stop-O 4 in 1 Scented Bricks Pack
Stop-O scented bricks with fragrance boosters to stop all kinds of foul smell in your toilet. 4 x ..
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