Brig Chaitanya Prakash07/11/2018

Very poor .
Bad packing. Most cup broken and struck on the board. Difficult to take them out. Bbreaks when being removed from the box.
Poor courier service. Delivered after lots of delay and hassles.

Team Cycle Pure
Thank you for your valuable feedback. Product replacement has been provided to you.

Many cups are in broken condition. Very difficult to set it on fire. Did not find it pleasant in aroma.


Not good...Smells like a chemical mix... Not like a loban(Sambrani). Better you can buy Five Star Sambrani. Not worth the price.

Hitesh Puri18/09/2019

Purchased Loban cups ... poor quality less quantity in each cups.

Indrajit Mallick09/06/2021

Very bad ,smokes only ,no good smell , smells like burning plastic