Nikil rao 16/01/2021

I am using cycle brand from a long time.... It's too good.... First time I ordered directly from company online..... Packaging was excellent and product is value for money... All fragrance are perfectly balanced ...go for it

Sandeep Salian 21/02/2021

I got more what i expected.

Dhirendra Sahai 14/08/2018

I all the box some sticks are not proper burning
Time given in product code is not maching burnt before scheduled time fragnace is good
Check it and improve better quality

Nagendra kumar17/09/2018

im buying this product since 1 year and best agarbatis ever seen and in this mysore agarbatis are excellent smell with more than 40 minutes burning time im buying this product from local supermarket for low price

Santosh Awankar30/11/2019

I had been ordered all in one pack last month
Product was very good and have a great fragrance
But they get printed price
I think they avail to me some discount
In local market seller also sell the product on mrp.
What will we get benifit on this bulk buying?
So thay will gave some discount.