Preeth Arora30/08/2017

Nice product. I got it installed in my company with 100 workstations 24/7 operations. Surprised to see that it lasts quite a while and is actually able to reduce the stink and convert it to good smell. Almost smells like 5-star hotel. I need to use it in every unit though but it is better than any other market product. Thank you Anik for introducing this to me.

I will recommend this to every office and homes also. You deserve a pat on the back for this one! Innovative and brilliant!

Rajib Chetia08/06/2018

Fantastic Product. xcellent fragrance.

Syed Sirajuddin27/07/2018

I need this, it's out of stock

Govind Singh Mahar21/11/2018

The product is very nice. Pl kindly send me six refills of the same on post paid after arrival. Thanks.


Fantastic product, good fragrance, and I need 4 more.